Street Sweeping Information

Did you know that raking, blowing or dumping leaves or grass clippings from your yards into the City gutters / streets is considered littering and you may be found in violation of City Code Chapter 15 Section 15-4 to 15-24?

Street Sweeping
The City of Wheat Ridge has two street sweepers; a 3 cubic yard mechanical sweeper and a 5 cubic yard vacuum sweeper.  

 The general guidelines for the City's street sweeping is:

  • Late January to early February (dependent on weather conditions
  • Late March to mid-April; clean up following the winter months 
  • Mid-August to mid-September to clean up the leaves that have fallen into the streets
  • Late November to mid-December for final clean-up before winter

Alleyways are swept once a year, usually in the spring.

For the complete information see the Street Sweeping Procedures and Guidelines.