Renewable Energy (RE)

picture of a wind farmA stable climate, clean air, healthy people, control of our energy supply, and a resilient economy are goals all citizens of Wheat Ridge can get behind. To reach these goals, we must pursue a lofty yet practical and achievable set of strategies that act upon the areas within Wheat Ridge with the greatest demand for positive change.

The first set of strategies deals with the mix of energy provided to residents, businesses, and other energy users. Every building, vehicle, and piece of infrastructure in the City uses energy. In turn, every person is impacted by the pollutants released from the energy sources used to produce that electricity and fuel.

Wheat Ridge residents and businesses receive their energy mainly from Xcel Energy. In 2016, Xcel’s Colorado energy supply was sourced from 46 percent coal, 25 percent natural gas, 23 percent wind, 4 percent hydropower, and 2 percent solar – or 29 percent low carbon sources.

The City also signed a Community Solar Purchase Agreement in March 2015 with Clean Energy Collective to participate in a solar garden project in Jefferson County, providing residents with increased ability to source clean energy. Coupled with programs that allow users to opt into 100 percent renewable energy via their utility provider, clean energy is increasingly an option for citizens and businesses interested in utilizing cleaner sources of energy.

Ongoing Efforts

29 percent clean energy is a good and solid foundation, and we must continue to make substantial strides to reach the necessary goal of 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. 2050 is closer than we realize… stay tuned our action plan to get to 100 percent renewable energy by then.

Ways you can participate

Windsource by Xcel Energy: It only takes a minute and you can help Xcel Energy make the switch to increased use of renewable energy! Call and have a portion of your electric bill added to the Windsource program.
LED Lights: Old style incandescent bulbs lose 90 percent of their energy to heat! For maximum energy efficiency, make sure every light in your home is LED. They are becoming extremely affordable, and can be purchased anywhere you buy light bulbs.