Wellness Services


More than just aahh - massage therapy is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. A few of the many benefits are:
  • Improve range of motion
  • Enhance circulation
  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Promote tissue generation and healing
  • Lessen stress, anxiety, depression
  • Stretch, relax and soften injured, tired and overused muscles

Massage Types

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Rehab/Therapeutic
  • Pre-Natal
  • Sports
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Neuromuscular


Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically, on the whole body, mind and spirit. The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to relieve stress and pain, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, accelerate natural healing, and more.