WRPD Dog Walker Watch Program


The Wheat Ridge Police Department (WRPD) has launched a new program called Dog Walker Watch. We’re training expert witnesses on two legs and four.

The Wheat Ridge program is modeled after the National Dog Walker Watch program that encourages neighbors to assist local law enforcement as extra eyes and ears while out walking their dog. The program enhances the partnership between police and community while providing resources so neighbors can be more aware and learn how to effectively observe and report suspicious activity.

The one-hour training class is designed to help increase awareness of suspicious behavior or activity and determine what should be reported to police. Dog guardians/owners who attend training (dogs can stay home) are presented with a certificate signed by WRPD Chief Murtha along with a special Honorary WRPD K-9 neckerchief for their four-legged companion to wear as they “patrol” the neighborhood on their daily walks.

If you’re looking for a way to become more involved in your community, build a relationship with the police department, and give even more meaning to walking your dog, then come join us in the WRPD Training Room from 6-7 p.m. on June 30, 2021.

Register here: https://bit.ly/DWWsummer2021      

Member Feedback

"I think this program is brilliant. There are many takeaways I have from the training, but I would say one of the most valuable is that WRPD values my observations and wants to hear from me. Another takeaway is empowerment at the resident level. I now know I can make a difference and make a call if I am feeling things are not right.

In short, I think WRPD is making a difference with a progressive approach to resident engagement in safety. I love walking my dog. After this training, my dog walks gained more meaning." 

-Mary Ann Bonnell, DWW Member