Development Review Map

This map shows the location and status of developments that are under review in the City of Wheat Ridge. Click on the case numbers in the sidebar or the icons on the map to show more information. Click on the included photos for each case to view a description of the proposal, staff contact information, process information, and a vicinity map. Cases will be removed after entitlements are complete. For a larger map, CLICK HERE.

City code dictates whether a proposed project is reviewed by staff or requires a public hearing. Historically, to participate in a public hearing, you had to attend a meeting in person or submit comments to staff.  Now, for planning and development projects that require a public hearing before Planning Commission or City Council, you can now submit comments online through Wheat Ridge Speaks.  Meeting agendas are posted about ten days in advance, and online comments close two days before the hearing.  No sign up is required in order to comment.

Learn more about public meetings, public hearings, and how to participate with this short guide.

Wheat Ridge Speaks link