Cre8 Your 38 - 2016

Cre8 Your 38 Project

In 2016, the city is hosted an interactive community engagement process called Cre8 Your 38, consisting of three phases of community meetings, to engage members of the Wheat Ridge community in creating a streetscape design concept for 38th Avenue.

Phase 1

More than 300 people came to the first Cre8 Your 38 meeting in January, exceeding the capacity of the meeting room, prompting a second phase one meeting to allow all who were interested in participating an opportunity to do so.

During these two meetings, participants discussed core community values and streetscape elements, engaged in a small group interactive streetscape design process, presented their designs, and used real time electronic polling to provide feedback on the design concepts.

Those who were unable to participate in the meeting were able to provide input on the design concepts via an online survey. 673 people who did not attend either meeting took the survey.

33 design concepts were created by the participants at the first two public meetings. Based on a review of the data gathered from the meetings and the surveys, six design concepts were identified as having received at least 51% support, indicating they should move forward in the design process. Please review the staff report for a complete summary. Please review the design concepts and polling results.

Phase 2

In February, the public meeting for the second phase was held at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center Gym to accommodate as many interested participants as possible. Based on the results from January’s engagement sessions and survey, participants at the February meeting started with a basic design that included three lanes of travel within the existing right-of-way. 

Their job was to discuss and weigh-in on how wide sidewalks should be; whether or not to include bike lanes and on-street parking; and how wide amenity zones, for things like trees, benches and landscaping, should be. In addition, participants considered implementation issues like a potential need to move curbs, retrofit curbs or expand the current right-of-way.

Full-scale sidewalk dimensions were marked out on the floor and a life-size 60-foot model was built along a gym wall to help participants visualize what could fit into 38th Avenue. After group discussions and looking at the models for space, interactive clicker voting was used again to determine preferences.

The results from the meeting demonstrated a preference for 8-foot sidewalks, 4-foot amenity zones, and on-street parking where space allows. In a ranking of priorities, participants rated wide sidewalks as most important followed by amenity zones, then on-street parking, with bike lanes rated last.

Cre8 Your 38 Videos

Phase 3

On March 10, participants reviewed two streetscape design packages that were created based on input and direction from participants at the January and February meetings:
  • Both designs included three lanes of travel, sidewalks, amenity zones and on-street parking;
  • Package A includes a complete reconstruction of the street, providing 8-foot sidewalks and 4-foot amenity zones with a potential range of cost between $7.5 million and $9.75 million;
  • Package B would retrofit the existing street and sidewalks with amenity zones with a potential range of cost between $4.5 million and $6.75 million; and,
  • Both design packages would require a change in the designated street width along 38th Avenue, public support for financing for the project and consolidation of existing driveway cuts.
Considering all of these implications, meeting participants demonstrated support for Package A with 70% of the vote.

Open House

On April 27, an open house was held to display the full Cre8 Your 38 process, from outreach to meeting process and outcomes to the community created designs. City staff and the design team were on hand to answer questions. Community members were invited to provide feedback on the designs and the process.