Wadsworth Boulevard Improvements, 35th Avenue to I-70

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In 2016, Wheat Ridge voters supported the improvement of Wadsworth Boulevard to relieve traffic congestion, improve business access, and provide better options for pedestrians and cyclists. Last improved in 1950, this project includes modernizing and improving Wadsworth from 35th Avenue to I-70 with efficient and safe intersection designs at 38th and 44th Avenues, safer entrances and exits for vehicles accessing businesses, and a continuous sidewalk on the west and a bike/pedestrian path on the east side of Wadsworth from 35th Avenue to the Clear Creek Trail.

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Project Update  

The City of Wheat Ridge completed the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Wadsworth Boulevard Widening project from 35th Avenue to I-70 and in September 2019, received the federal approvals to move into final design.

View the EA here

View the FONSI here.

The current schedule for finalizing the project and moving into construction is below:

  • Right-of-way acquisition process: Summer 2019 - Spring 2020
  • Construction: 2020-2022


If you would like to share a comment or ask a question regarding this project, you may contact Mark Westberg, Projects Supervisor, by phone (303) 235-2863 or email.