D.I.R.T. Task Force

City Council appointed a new Drainage, Infrastructure, Roads and Trails (D.I.R.T.) Task Force to review and prioritize a list of unfunded infrastructure projects that were originally reviewed and prioritized by the 2007 D.I.R.T. Task Force. The unfunded projects total more than $150 million and consist of parks, trails and recreation; roadway and streetscape; power line undergrounding; storm sewer/drainage improvements; facility improvements; information technology and land banking. 
  1. 2016 Task Force Members
  2. 2016 Meetings
  3. 2016 Documents
Two residents were appointed by City Council from each of the four City Council Districts
  • Charlie Myers
  • Anne Brinkman
  • Gerald James
  • Teresa Urbanowski
  • Mike Griffeth
  • Tony Pestonatto
  • Martin Killorin
  • V. Ruth Baranowski
  1. Background
  2. 2007 Documents

On January 22, 2007, City Council officially ratified the creation of Mayor Jerry DiTullio’s Drainage, Infrastructure, Roads and Trails (D.I.R.T.) Task Force. The mission of the Task Force was: to identify and prioritize projects that will protect and improve the quality of life for citizens, complement the business community and make Wheat Ridge a city where citizens want to live, work, play and become stakeholders within the community. 

The Task Force was made up of ten Wheat Ridge residents, the Wheat Ridge City Treasurer, the WR2020 Executive Director, three council members, one rotating council member and two youth representing Wheat Ridge High School. The Task Force met over several months to review over $143 million of unfunded infrastructure projects identified by City Council and staff.

Project categories: 

  1. Parks, Trails and Recreation
  2. Roadway and Streetscape
  3. Storm Sewer/Drainage Improvements
  4. Facility Improvements
  5. Information Technology Infrastructure
  6. Land Banking

Initial Ranking Criteria
Each project was first prioritized based on the following criteria which originated from the City Council Goals at that time: 

  1. Creating a Sustainable City Government
  2. City Prepared for Growth and Opportunities
  3. Strong Partnership Between City, Community and Region
  4. Better Quality Housing Stock
  5. Redevelopment of Major Corridors
Final Ranking Criteria
The top four projects in each infrastructure category were than ranked based on the following criteria which originated from the City of Wheat Ridge Vision Statement and Core Businesses:
  1. Enhances public infrastructure and facilities
  2. Contributes to a safer community
  3. Enhances community aesthetics
  4. Enhances accessibility
  5. Facilitates Economic expansion
  6. Builds neighborhoods and the community
  7. Provides new or enhanced leisure services
  8. Enriches citizens' lives

 A final list of 26 projects were ranked in priority order. Since the creation of this list, some of these projects have been fully or partially completed through grant funding, partnerships, regionalization efforts, etc. No new fees or taxes have been approved to fund the completion of these projects

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