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Bid Number
Bid Due Date
2018 Overlay Project
ITB-18-05 2018 Overlay Streets
ITB-18-05 Addendum 1
ITB-18-05 Bid Tab Sheet

Closed Under Evaluation
City Hall Roof-HVAC Replacement
ITB-18-04 00.Scope Sheet
ITB-18-04 01.Overview Plans
ITB-18-04 02.HVAC Repairs detail
ITB-18-04 03.HVAC photos
ITB-18-04 04.Eagleview Report
ITB-18-04 05.Nelson Roof Report
ITB-18-04 Addendum 1
ITB-18-04 Addendum 2
Closed Under Evaluation
2018 Concrete Rehab ~ ADA Improvements Project
ITB-18-03 STREET Segments
ITB-18-03 Details
ITB-18-03 Addendum1
ITB-18-03 Bid Tab Sheet
Closed Under Evaluation
Land Surveying for Sections 16 and 17 for ROW Mapping Adjustment 
Closed Recommend Award to Flatirons, Inc.