Procurement & Contracting


The City of Wheat Ridge Procurement and Contracting Division is responsible for providing procurement of goods, equipment, services, and construction as needed for City operations. This Division also assists in negotiating and administering contracts for services.


It is the goal of the Procurement & Contracting Division to consider the best value of a product or service and to minimize the overall total cost. Discretionary purchases up to $5,000 are acquired by the various departments using a City purchasing (VISA) card.

Departments may seek documented quotes for goods and services between $5,000-$50,000. The Purchasing Division is required to formally bid supplies, equipment, and services over $50,000, professional services over $50,000, and construction projects over $100,000.


The City of Wheat Ridge posts all formal solicitations to the BidNet Direct e-Procurement System. Registered vendors can be notified of all formal opportunities via email. To learn more, visit the BidNet website.

Logo or City Seal

If you would like to incorporate the City of Wheat Ridge marketing logo or City seal into your bid documents, please contact the Administrative Services department.