Lock box

A program for seniors and others in need of emergency assistance

The Wheat Ridge Police Department provides lock boxes for seniors and other community members similar to those used by real estate agents to hold a spare house key. Your address and the lock box combination are stored in a secure police computer file for use in an emergency. Homeowners are not given the combination for any other use. 
If the police, medical, or fire personnel are called to your home due to a concern about your well-being, the computer automatically notifies the police dispatcher of the location of the lock box. The combination to access a house key is only given to rescue personnel when no one answers the locked door. The combination is changed once it's used by rescue personnel to ensure the security of the lock box. Agencies participating in the Lock Box program include Wheat Ridge Police, Arvada Fire, and West Metro Fire.

To qualify for the Lock Box program, you must:
  • Live in a private home or residence
  • Reside within the City of Wheat Ridge
  • Have permission of the property owner/manager if you rent
  • Provide a spare house key (s)
  • Sign a release and agree to return the lock box if you no longer wish to participate
To sign up for the program contact Crime Prevention at 303-235-2910