Residential Housing Developments

The City is proud to have diversified the housing stock over the last 10 years with the addition of a wide range of residential development including high end detached single unit homes, small lot single unit homes, attached single unit homes (townhouses and duplexes), and affordable, workforce, and market-rate apartments.   

Several of the City’s guiding documents call for a diversity of housing types.  The City’s 2005 Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy called for an increase in housing options to attract a wider range of household types.  Similarly, in the 2009 Comprehensive Plan, one of the six key values organizing the document is the promotion of an array of housing options.  The plan also recognizes that higher density and senior living options are appropriate in high priority areas, including Wadsworth, Clear Creek Crossing and near the Wheat Ridge· Ward commuter rail station.  The plan also recognizes that new housing options are necessary to support a strong and diversified economy.

 In 2012, Council commissioned a Housing Diversification Strategy.  It echoed similar themes from earlier documents and noted that compact, dense, walkable, and contemporary development was critically missing from the Wheat Ridge market.  The updated 2019 Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy included data analysis of the housing market in its interim and final reports.  The City’s housing stock is considerably older than neighboring communities with nearly 80% of single-family units built between 1940 and 1979.  As of 2016, only 12% of single-family units in Wheat Ridge were built 1980 or later.

Diversifying the housing stock and adding units at appropriate locations helps support a vibrant economy.  “Retail follows rooftops,” as is said, and many of the City’s economic goals and citizen desires for different retail and restaurant options relies upon residential development and investments.  The following residential developments represent new housing options in Wheat Ridge, and they are diverse in their types, builders, and locations.  In addition to new development, investment in existing housing stock has increased over the last 10 years, with residential addition and remodel permits exceeding $85M in valuation from 2010 to 2020.

New Housing Options Since 2010

  • Applewood at Fireside – detached single units on 38th Avenue at Tabor Court (completed in 2016 by Standard Pacific)
  • Quail Hollow – detached single units large lot (over one-quarter acre homesites) homes north of 32nd Avenue at Quail Street (completed in 2016 by William Lyons Homes)
  • Hilltop Estates – detached single units large lot (over one-quarter acre homesites) homes north of 32nd Avenue at Hillside Drive (nearing completion in 2023-2024 by Workshop Denver)
  • Yukon Grove – detached small lot single units north of 32nd Avenue at Yukon Court (completed)
  • Incarnation – mix of detached single units, duplex units, and attached single units at 39th Place and Fenton Court (completed in 2017 by Urban Green)
  • Station 53 (formerly Quail Run) – mix of detached single units and attached single units at south of 54th Avenue at Quail Street (completed 2022 by Wonderland Homes)
  • WestRidge Rowhomes (formerly Yarrow Gardens) – attached single units south of 44th Avenue at Yarrow Street (completed in 2022 by Thrive) – winner of 2020 Department of Energy Grand Award In Housing Innovation
  • Riverside Terrace – attached single units on 44th Avenue east of Tabor Street (completed in 2020 by Creekside Homes)
  • Clear Creek Terrace – attached single units on Tabor Street north of 44th Avenue (completed in 2021 by Creekside Homes)
  • Hance Ranch – attached single units north of the Wheat Ridge Ward commuter rail station at 52nd Avenue and Tabor Street (completed 2023 by Remington Homes)
  • Ridge at Ward Station – attached single units adjacent to the Wheat Ridge· Ward commuter rail station at Ridge and Ward Roads (under construction in 2023-2024 by Toll Brothers)
  • The Parallel – market rate apartments immediately north of the Wheat Ridge· Ward commuter rail station at Ridge Road and Taft Court (completed in 2023 by Forum Group)
  • Fruitdale School Lofts – workforce rate apartments on 44th Avenue at Oak Street (Wheat Ridge Housing Authority project in partnership with HEI (developer/owner) and the City)
  • Town Center and Town Center North – income-restricted apartments for seniors on 44th Avenue at Vance Street (facilitated through Renewal Wheat Ridge’s (URA) acquisition of the property in 2008)
  • West End 38 – market rate apartments at 38th Avenue at Upham (completed in 2019 by Wazee Partners)
  • The Edison at the Corners – market rate apartments on Wadsworth Boulevard at 35th Avenue (completed in 2021 by JPL Development)
  • Outlook at Clear Creek Crossing – market rate apartments on Clear Creek Drive north of 40th Avenue (completed in 2021 by Evergreen Devco)
  • Outlook Phase Two at Clear Creek Crossing – market rate apartments on Clear Creek Drive north of 40th Avenue (under construction in 2022-23 by Evergreen Devco)
  • Commons at 38th - attached single units on 38th Avenue west of Jay Street (nearing completion 2023 by Sophium)
  • Ridgetop Village - duplex units in the 4000 block of Upham Street (under construction in 2022-23 by Epiphany Developments)
  • Vance Street Lofts (formerly Sweetridge Apartments) - market rate apartments in the 4100 block of Vance Street (completed 2022 by FJ Progressive)
  • The Ives Phase One - 50 affordable apartments (under construction 2023-2024 by Foothills Regional Housing)
  • Tabor Lake Apartments - multi-unit apartments at 44th Avenue and Van Gordon (under construction in 2023 by Colorado Workforce Housing Solutions, LLC)

Quail Hollow Single Unit Homes

Photograph of a single unit house in Quail Hollow

Fruitdale School Loft Apartments

Fruitdale Lofts, photo of exterior at sunset, Balthazar Ely (Oct 2017)

West End 38 Apartments

Photograph of West End 38 Apartments

Ridge at Ward Station Townhouse Units

Photograph of Ridge at Ward Station Townhouse Units

33rd and Ames Duplex

Photograph of 33rd and Ames Duplex

Town Center Senior Apartments

Photograph of Town Center Senior Apartments