Modification of Premises

Required Documents

DR 8442 - Permit Application & Report of Changes
Updated Diagram showing proposed changes
Any revised lease or addendums due to the change

Colorado Law

Regulation 47-302 - Changing, Altering, or Modifying Licensed Premises.

A. After issuance of a license, the licensee shall make no physical change, alteration or modification of the licensed premises that materially or substantially alters the licensed premises or the usage of the licensed premises from the plans and specifications submitted at the time of obtaining the original license without application to, and the approval of, the local and state licensing authorities.

For purposes of this regulation, physical changes, alterations or modifications of the licensed premises, or in the usage of the premises requiring prior approval, shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Any increase or decrease in the total size or capacity of the licensed premises.

2. The sealing off, creation of or relocation of a common entryway, doorway, passage or other such means of public ingress and/or egress, when such common entryway, doorway or passage alters or changes the sale or distribution of alcohol beverages within the licensed premises.

3. Any substantial or material enlargement of a bar, or relocation of a bar, or addition of a separate bar. However, the temporary addition of bars or service areas to accommodate seasonal operations shall not require prior approval unless the additional service areas are accompanied by an enlargement of the licensed premises.

4. A temporary outside service area located on a sidewalk owned by a municipality, and that the licensee possesses in accordance with subsection (B)(2) of this regulation, may be approved by the state and local licensing authorities upon the annual filing of a temporary modification of premises application, due at the time of initial application or at the time of renewal, on a form approved by the State Licensing Authority, and payment of the associated fee as set forth in Regulation 47-506, provided that: a.the proposed temporary outside service area located on a sidewalk is immediately adjacent to the licensed premises; b.The licensed premises, as temporarily modified, will comprise a definite contiguous area; and c.Plans and specifications identifying the temporary outside service area located on a sidewalk accompany the form and fee.

5. Any material change in the interior of the premises that would affect the basic character of the premises or the physical structure that existed in the plan on file with the latest prior application. However, the following types of modifications will not require prior approval, even if a local building permit is required: painting and redecorating of premises; the installation or replacement of electric fixtures or equipment, plumbing, refrigeration, air conditioning or heating fixtures and equipment; the lowering of ceilings; the installation and replacement of floor coverings; the replacement of furniture and equipment; and any non structural remodeling of a fermented malt beverage licensee's premises where the remodel does not expand the existing area designed for the display or sale of fermented malt beverage products.

6. The destruction or demolition, and subsequent reconstruction, of a building that contained licensed premises shall require the filing of new building plans with the local licensing authority. However, reconstruction shall not require an application to modify the premises unless the proposed plan for the newly-constructed premises materially or substantially alters the licensed premises or the usage of the licensed premises from the plans and specifications submitted at the time of obtaining the original license.

7. Nothing herein shall prohibit a licensee, who is otherwise not eligible for an optional premises permit or optional premises license, from modifying its licensed premises to include in the licensed premises a public thoroughfare, if the following conditions are met:
  • The licensee has been granted an easement for the public thoroughfare for the purpose of transporting alcohol beverages.
  • The public thoroughfare is authorized solely for pedestrian and non-motorized traffic.
  • The inclusion of the public thoroughfare is solely for the purpose of transporting alcohol beverages between licensed areas, and no sale or consumption will occur on or within the public thoroughfare.
  • Any other conditions as established by the local licensing authority.