Retail Marijuana Licensing

Read the Law
Chapter 11 of the Wheat Ridge Code of Laws guides retail marijuana licensing in Wheat Ridge. Ordinance 1550 amends the provisions regarding manufacturers of infused products locations to impose separations. Please check with us via the contact link in the next paragraph regarding the suitability of a specific address prior to making a firm commitment.

Applications may be submitted to the Tax and Licensing Division by appointment. Please contact the Tax Supervisor to make arrangements.

The application form should be completed prior to the appointment. Both the operating fee and general business license fee ($20) must be paid at the time of application. Only the general business license fee is refundable if the application is not approved.

Operating Fees
The operating fee must be paid along with the general business license fee ($20) at the time of application and annually at the time of the renewal of each license.

The fees are listed on a printable PDF for your convenience. If the fee is paid more than 90 days late for renewal, a $100 penalty attaches to it.

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Key Dates: Applicants Without Medical MJ Licenses Seeking RMJ Licensing

January 1, 2014

Notice of intent to apply to COMED

Wheat Ridge: seek advice regarding locations for RMJ
June 15, 2014

COMED: no action

Wheat Ridge: preliminary application with copy of notice of intent; finger print appointment (303) 235-2995
July 1, 2014

State RMJ application to COMED

Wheat Ridge: copy of state application from COMED as appropriate; processing of application may begin
October 1, 2014

State RMJ license

Wheat Ridge: RMJ license may be issued if all approvals are present