Massage Businesses

Massage Business License Required 

All Massage businesses that are not exempt based on the definition of Massage Business contained in Section 11-232, must acquire a Massage Business License. The license is $25.00. Like the business license, this license must be renewed annually by January 31. All licenses are set to expire on December 31.

Massage Business License Application
Solo Practitioner Application

Massage Business Manager License Required

All Facilities required to obtain a Massage Business License must have a licensed manager on site at all times when a massage is being given. The Massage Therapist can be the manager as well. There is no fee for the manager’s license. The manager will be the direct point of contact when a city inspector enters the facility.

Massage Business Managers License Application

Question and Answers

Question: Who is exempt from acquiring a Massage Business License?

Answer: Common exemptions are business that are regulated by Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) under a different licensure such as Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, or medical offices. Any Massage Therapist who is a solo practitioner is also exempt if they either don’t go by an assumed name or, if they use an assumed name, they must include either their full name or the DORA license number whenever the business name appears in print.

Question: What do I do if someone is offering a massage but they do not possess a massage therapist license?

Answer: Any person performing massage therapy within the City of Wheat Ridge should have a valid Massage Therapist License from DORA.  For any issues regarding the licensure of a massage therapist please contact DORA at 303 894-7800 or go to “Check a License” at .

Question: What if a business is operating without a massage business license?

Answer: If there are questions about the licensure of a massage business please contact the Wheat Ridge Tax department at [email protected] or by phone at 303-235-2820.

Question: What if I believe illegal activity is occurring at a massage business?

Answer: To report illegal activity within a massage facility, please contact the Wheat Ridge Police Department at [email protected] or 303-235-2947.