Council Districts

The City of Wheat Ridge is divided into four districts which, according to the City Charter, "shall be contiguous and compact, and shall be approximately equal in population."  Council district boundaries were last amended in 2011 following the 2010 census which indicated significant population changes since the original designation of council districts in 1978.

Following the 2020 census, the Wheat Ridge City Clerk studied the City's population by district and determined the current district boundaries satisfy the charter requirements. The current populations in each of the City's four districts are as follows:

(2020 Census)
Percentage of Total Population
District 18,04024.82%
District 27,95824.57%
District 38,19725.30%
District 48,19525.30%

Based on the 2020 census, the deviation in population between districts is less than three quarters of one percent (0.73%.) Therefore, the council districts are approximately equal in population and were not changed as a result of the 2020 census. Redistricting changes must be made by the City Council no less than six months prior to the general municipal election every four years, therefore the next review period deadline is May, 2027.

A map showing the City Council district and census block boundaries with total population counts.