Cultural Commission

"She Aint Heavy" statue by designer Walt Horton

The Cultural Commission works to promote culture and the arts, to oversee public art, and to provide art enrichment opportunities to benefit the residents of the City.

The active group of volunteers who serve on the Commission recognize and facilitate the arts in the community. They do this through annual and bi-annual programs and through welcoming new ideas of individual members and the Wheat Ridge Community.

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Commission Details



Arts Drop Girl holding art project

Looking to expand your art portfolio while supporting local artists? During this program art is dropped in secret locations around town and hints to their location are posted on the Cultural Commission’s Facebook page. The first to find the piece gets to take it home!

The program typically runs once in the summer and once in early winter.

Recreation Center mural contest

In 2022, the Cultural Commission partnered with the City to launch the Wheat Ridge Mural Contest. The program included six youth and seven adult muralists to brighten up the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center with works that reflect our community's values within the themes "In This Together" for adult submissions and "Nature and Advocacy for our Planet" for youth.

Winning murals can be seen in the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center.


The Cultural Commission often sponsors a booth, live painting and other art-related events during Ridgefest. Most recently, the Commission sponsored Chalk Artists during Ridgefest 2017 and 2018.

Carnation Festival plates

Since 2019, the Cultural Commission has collaborated with the Carnation Festival Committee in putting out a call for artists to design their festival plates. Artwork is submitted to the Cultural Commission and the Commission recommend their top three choices to the festival committee who make the ultimate decision.

Performances in the Park

Every summer, the City of Wheat Ridge puts on free concerts in Anderson Park. The Cultural Commission sponsored artists in 2020 (17th Avenue All Stars), 2021 and 2022 (FACE Vocal Band). 

In 2023, the Cultural Commission is a Community Sponsor of Performances in the Park.

ChalkFest/Chalk of the Town Artist working on Chalk Fest drawings

In collaboration with Localworks, the Commission sponsors local chalk artists in creating one of a kind pieces all around Wheat Ridge.

Wheaties Mural Project (Greetings From Wheat Ridge)

In 2018, the Commission collaborated with the Wheaties Academy to produce a piece of temporary public art. The piece, Greetings from Wheat Ridge, was installed in Anderson Park in the summer of 2018. See the slideshow here. 

Wheat Ridge Poet in Residence

In December of 2018, Sharon Heinlen was selected by the Wheat Ridge Cultural Commission as the first Wheat Ridge Poet in Residence, which holds a two-year term. The selection was part of the celebrations planned for the City’s 50th Anniversary in 2019. Heinlen created original works of poetry for the City and conducted poetry education programs at Wheat Ridge schools in 2020.


                   (After 2000 years of cultivation…..)


                        You are telling me that a feathery flower

                             with delicately ruffled petals gave birth

                        To this Wheat Ridge celebration of a long citizen

                              History marking the soil and souls of a City?


                                    Yes, that is the back story treasured by

                                         old and young watching a parade, joining

                                    Hearts with pride about 32 growers in greenhouses

                                         Over a richly nurtured span of fifty years.


                        Shaped by music, food, an Italian Family Circus and

                             children running and playing with boundless energy

                        The annual Carnation Festival unfolds on the Ridge

                             and thousands of people come out for the fun.  


                                    Now living with a shared spirit once seen in a

                                          large colorful bouquet delivered to the White House

                                    Each week from the “Wheat Ridge Carnation City”

                             We honor those seeds of generosity in shared humanity.


                        We organize our lives around stories told by Elders 

                            assuring our memories remind us who we are

                        Guiding us into the tomorrows where modern symbols

                           and traditions will create new small city treasures.



Sharon R. Heinlen

Wheat Ridge Poet-in-Residence

July  2019

Other Special Projects

Greetings from Wheat Ridge Campaign

See the "Greetings From Wheat Ridge" slideshow here.

50th Anniversary Signature Quilt

The “Many Colors of Wheat Ridge” signature quilt was created by Cultural Commissioner Milly Nadler in celebration of the City’s 50th Anniversary. Signatures include those of community members and City leaders.

  • Lisa and Ron Abo 
  • Matt Anderson 
  • Steve Art 
  • Pam Bales 
  • Ruth Baranowski Betterton
  • Cindy Beal 
  • Jessica and Christopher Bird 
  • Cheryl Blum Garcia 
  • Janet White Bradford 
  • Chief Dan Brennan 
  • Anne Brinkman 
  • Steven Brown 
  • Chelsea Bunker 
  • Gretchen Cerveny 
  • Kristi Davis 
  • Kimberly DeJong 
  • Scott DeJong 
  • Maki & Brian DeLaet 
  • Joey DeMott 
  • Kristine Disney 
  • Loretta DiTirro 
  • Jerry DiTullio 
  • Leah Dozeman 
  • Bridget Dvorak

  • Sarah Ellis 
  • Pam Feely 
  • Tim Fitzgerald 
  • Sunny Garcia 
  • Evan Gist 
  • Patrick Goff 
  • Pam Goff 
  • Emily Green 
  • Jerith Gronski 
  • Joseph Gronski 
  • Harry and Yolanda H 
  • Heidi Haas 
  • Sheard Ralph 
  • Habben Nat Hagerman 
  • Kim and Chad Harr 
  • Sharon Heinlen 
  • Kent Higgins 
  • Janeece Hoppe 
  • Nathan Hoppe 
  • Rachel Hultin 
  • Cheri Jahn
  • Howard Jaidinger 
  • Joyce Jay 
  • Jesse Johnson 
  • Ken Jonstone
  • Laura Keegan 
  • Moe & Steve Keller 
  • Michele Koons 
  • Dawn Kral-Jueter 
  • David Kueter 
  • Krista Lewis 
  • Gary Lewman
  • Chief Jim and Jill Lorentz Joyce Manwaring 
  • Kathleen Martell 
  • Larry & Carol Matthews
  •  Allison Menard 
  • Jonathan Miller 
  • Chris and Gilbert Miller 
  • Milly Nadler 
  • Guy Nahmiach 
  • Joy and Dave Opp 
  • Betty Jo Page 
  • Ed Perlmutter 
  • Walt Pettit 
  • David Pettit 
  • Greg Picchione 
  • George and Jill Pond
  • Gay Porter 
  • DeNileon Megara Pullen 
  • Chris and Kelli Randall 
  • Andy and Michelle Rasmussen 
  • Davis Reinhart 
  • Todd Ricker 
  • Kelsey Robb 
  • Diane Robb 
  • Tim Rogers 
  • Carol Salzmann 
  • Allison Scheck 
  • Jeremy and Jessica Schwartz 
  • Joe and Kathryn Seehusen
  • Margie Seyfer Christy
  •  Seyfer Troy and
  •  Tinamarie Seyfer 
  • Don Seyfer 
  • Jill Shannon
  • Janelle Shaver
  • Officer J. Slade
  • Officer K. Smith
  • Janice Smothers
  • Michael and Lori Snow 
  • Janet Spangenberg 
  • Bud Starker 
  • Mary Starker 
  • Mike Stites 
  • Zach and Melinda Urban 
  • Vivian Vos 
  • Nancy Waring 
  • Amanda Weaver Genevieve Wooden 
  • Officer S. Wright

Milly Nadler, standing with signature quilt