US Census 2010 News

Why is it Important?
Link to Mayor's Spotlight on Lakewood Video

Importance to Jefferson County, Denver Regional Census Center Infogram

What do they look like?
  • All census takers carry official government badges marked with just their name
  • You may also ask them for a picture ID from another source to confirm their identity
  • Some census workers might carry a "U.S. Census Bureau" bag
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If you still are not certain about their identity, please call the Regional Census Center: (720) 475-3640, to confirm they're employed by the Census Bureau.

Most importantly, the Census Bureau will NEVER, under any circumstances, ask to enter your home.

Questions or concerns regarding Census operations in Wheat Ridge, contact Jim Kiernan at 303-406-7027

When is it happening?
  • Beginning in February, Census Field Workers will be in various group facilities in Wheat Ridge conducting official business related to group counts.
  • In March, households across the country will receive the form by mail.
  • In March, Census field workers will make there way around the hotels, RV parks, etc. in search of the transitory population.
  • From April – July Census field workers will be contacting individual residences of citizens who did not respond to the Census by mail.
Watch out for Fraudsters!
State of Colorado Attorney General, AARP ElderWatch warnings