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Mayor Joyce Jay

Wheat Ridge has been my home for the past 35 years. During that time, I have been enjoying the city's incredible location and raised my daughter, Ginger who graduated from Wheat Ridge High School.

Politics was never my intended career, but instead, I followed a long, enjoyable profession as a commercial photographer. As many know, self-employment in the commercial arts demands tenacity and a cooperative spirit to obtain the mutual goals of the client and service provider, it is quite similar to politics in many ways.

I sold the photography business, retired, joined the Wheat Ridge Cultural Commission, and served on City Council from 2009-2013 before being elected as Mayor. Currently, I serve on the DRCOG Board, Wheat Ridge Business District Board, Wheat Ridge Business Association Board, the Urban Draining and Flood Control District Board as well as the Metro Mayor's Caucus.

I believe the Mayor should be an active agent seeking amenities that improve the lives of citizens and at the same time instill a sense of solidity, friendliness and pride in our home town. Fortunately, Wheat Ridge City Council and City Staff are equally as invested in these goals as I am.

Wheat Ridge Environmental Sustainability Committee                   

The Wheat Ridge EnviVery small sustainability graphicronmental Sustainability Committee (WRESC) consists of eleven residents with environmental expertise/passion who are helping to position our City as a leader in environmental sustainability.