Building Inspections

Inspection Record Card
Instructions for requesting inspections are located on the back of your building permit on the inspection record card, which lists the required inspection areas. Work shall not be concealed prior to obtaining an inspection. Be certain to obtain all inspections listed on the inspection record card.

To schedule an inspection, call the Inspection Request Line at (303) 234-5933 or send your request through our online Inspection Request Form.

  • Inspections requested prior to 3 pm on that business day are performed the following business day. Be sure to anticipate the need for inspections to prevent delays.
  • Windows of time for performance of inspections will NOT be provided. Notification of intent to perform an inspection is provided by the inspector to the contact person approximately 30-60 minutes prior to arrival at the project, via telephone, based on the contact information provided during the inspection request process. DO NOT call to request an inspection time or window as one CANNOT be provided.
  • If a requested inspection cannot be performed due to inclement weather, the contractor and/or property owner are responsible for canceling the requested inspection no later than 8:30 a.m. on the day of inspection. If an inspector arrives to perform a requested inspection that cannot be conducted and has not been canceled, a re-inspection fee of $60 will be assessed and will be required to be paid prior to the next inspection.
  • Inspections requested on weekends and observed holidays will be performed on the second business day after the day of request.
  • No inspections will be performed on subcontracted work done by an unlicensed subcontractor. Discovery of unlicensed contractors may result in work stoppages.
  • Final inspections are the last step in the inspection process, and approval of the final inspections is your confirmation that the work has been satisfactorily completed according to the building code.
Please Note: Prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy or Completion, all requirements of the Planning, Engineering, and Fire and Health Departments may be required to be met.