Sustainable Wheat Ridge

This Committee recently underwent a name change from Wheat Ridge Environmental Sustainability Committee to Sustainable Wheat Ridge. This volunteer-led resident committee supports efforts to improve community conditions in six areas of environmental sustainability: green building and energy efficiency, renewable energy, transportation, solid waste and recycling, water, and communications and engagement.

History of the Committee

In 2017, Mayor Joyce Jay and City Council initiated the inaugural Wheat Ridge Environmental Sustainability Committee (WRESC).

Between June 2017 and June 2018, the WRESC, comprised of 11 residents with vast expertise and experience in each topic area, dedicated approximately 550 hours meeting twice a month at City Hall as well as extensive time outside of these meetings to develop the environmental sustainability action plan. The WRESC represented each district in Wheat Ridge and was comprised of: Karen Berry, Amy DePierre, Dan Graeve, Heather Head, Alex Helling, April Nowak, Joy Opp, Andy Rasmussen, Rob Robinson, Eric Wilson, and Adam Wylie.

The Mayor and City Council charged WRESC with developing recommendations to improve community conditions in six areas of environmental sustainability:

  • Communication and Engagement (CE)


  • Evaluate current City of Wheat Ridge sustainability practices and policies and create metrics to track progress
  • Provide advice, support, and guidance to the Mayor and City Council regarding sustainability, climate change, and environmental management issues
  • Involve the community through engagement, outreach, and advocacy; support education, awareness, and stewardship
  • Assist the City and the community to identify, adopt, develop and implement plans, programs, policies, strategies, and action

WRESC Mid-point Presentation to City Council

For more information about the WRESC, contact group member Joy Opp -