Garage Sale Permit

Garage Sale
  • All garage sales require a permit from the City.
  • There is no charge for the permit.
  • Permits are available online here or at City Hall, 7500 W. 29th Avenue or you can complete the request below and we will email your permit!
  • Residents may only have four garage sales per year.
  • Residents are allowed one rain date per year.
  • Each sale is limited to a maximum of three consecutive days.
  • Signs can only be posted on private property, away from public right-of-way.
  • Signs are not allowed on any public utility devices (stop signs, speed limit signs, utility poles, etc.)
  • The Code Enforcement division will remove all improperly posted signs.
  • All sale items must be personal property that was neither acquired nor consigned for resale purposes.
  • All signs must be removed after the sale.
  • Permits must be displayed at the garage sale location for review by Code Enforcement or police.
  • Anyone wanting to run large sales, fund raising sales, or more than four sales per year, should contact the Sales Tax Division at 303-235-2820.
  • Fines may be assessed if you do not comply with the Wheat Ridge City Codes
If you have any further questions or comments please call the Front Desk at (303) 234-5900.