West 38th Avenue Lane Reconfiguration

Project Information

The 38th Avenue Corridor Plan was adopted by City Council in October 2011. One of the key revitalization recommendations for 38th Avenue was to restripe the street into a 3-lane section; commonly referred to as a “Road Diet”. The road diet was completed in the summer of 2012 as part of the City’s 2012 Capital Improvement Program. The project included restriping the street from Depew Street to Upham Street, adding on-street parking on the south side of the street, and installing new planters and three pop-up cafes to extend the sidewalk.

This pilot project will be monitored through early 2014. Until that time, the City will collect data for a variety of metrics, including traffic counts and new businesses on the street, to monitor the success of the project. Please refer to the Road Diet page for more information.

Additional Information and Details

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